Sunday, 13 December 2009

Hovis - Mood Boards

After studying the company, its beliefs, the people its associated with and its approach on building the brand, I could come up with 3 insights into the company.

1. Inside the company 2. Company perception 3. Ideas for Concepts

According to the insights I created the mood boards which will help me in filtering my research.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Towards Final Concept

Here, I took an approach of being "indirect" which is like for example - what will happen if a person is healthy or fit? - That person will be active, energetic, fresh, enthusiastic, aspiring, Goal oriented and so on.....

In this concept the strokes appears like wings spreading in all directions as show how a person will be once he is healthy and fit....

Conceptualization - Idea generation

Step By Step - Competitor study

I looked at various identities done on health and fitness sector, some forms and structures are most common to show health and fitness, whereas some had an modern and a new look and feel which also portrays the same thing but in different way.

I have given a closer look on these identities in terms of colour, Type, Form, structure, balance and so on.

I have picked out some of the key elements for conceptualization of initial ideas and for final concepts.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Step By Step - Initial explorations

Step By Step is initiative created by BUPA, England an health and Insurance company. To design a distinctive identity for the new health program called ‘Step by Step’, for
University of Birmingham, UK.

The aim of this project is to make the staff walk, for a better health and for a better work
quality. The goal of this project is to make its employees more active and efficient by participating in the walk program atleast 30 mins and three times a day.

To create an Identity for Step By Step and to make it stand out from other running and walking programs.

The program is a research project sponsored by the BUPA Foundation.
BUPA is a largest British healthcare organization. It offers policies to individuals, companies,
organizations and around half of Britain's top companies are presently BUPA customers. It is an
internationally established health insurance and care company with services that include Travel
insurance, health insurance, care homes, health assessments, occupational health services and

Mind Mapping

Brought all the keywords together

HOVIS - Brand/Product Study

A study on how The brand has evolved itself like for instance one thing which required for a brand to make its mark for longer times is to keep an emotional attachment with its consumers. Hovis in my opinion followed a stringent path towards Branding building by creating that emotional bond with its consumers with creating well thought over Ads and campaigns.