Thursday, 25 February 2010

Just A Thought

Holding your hand will walk through,
Laughing on your joke which was never funny,
It is just see the smile on your face which grew and grew.

Every time I see you, every time I feel you,
A warm feeling arises in my heart,
I wouldn't have asked anything better to choose.

Because you show me that you care,
Because you touched me,
I felt like jumping and breathing the fresh air.

You are my reason to get up each morning,
and a dream each night,
Whatever I do, wherever I go,
I wouldn't ever let you out of my sight.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Concept 01

In this concept, I have used an upward stroke so that it focuses
the Company's vision towards plantation of more and more trees.
The stroke is kept simple and upward to indicate Progression.

The Colour selection of Orange+Green / Green+Light Green is
to show the nature as it is. Its also to show the purity or freshness.
Green is more towards eco-freindly environment and Orange is tender
and fresh.

The strokes as "Life" evokes from the letter "E" just to keep it simple
by keeping it the centre of focus.The font chosen here is Adobe 
Garamond which is a post script fontas it has an simple yet an 
elegant look. This font can be more associated by nature.

Concept 02

In this concept, I have used the ketter "V" as the focus area as it
has two wings from which the form emerges out in a shape of 
leaves. Kepping the same font I have tried to work out and play 
with the form and the letters.

The leaves are shown as if they are evolving as a natural process 
and people are not preserving them and the company wants to portray 
its massage through this form.

Jeevan Identity

Jeevan Identity

Concept 03
This concept has a very basic and a simplistic approach of
a leaf which shows a sort of stability in the environment. 
Stability is also a key aspect in conserving the habitat.

After validating the concepts, I found out that the third concept
falls weak in representing a company which wants to preserve
nature. The first concept goes well with the brief to make a new start
to preserve what we already have and then gradually build new plants.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Visual Identity For Jeevan

Jeevan is an environmental company and required an visual identity which would focus on its services on plantation of trees and keeping the ecological balance.

Let me take you through the journey....