Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Step By Step - Initial explorations

Step By Step is initiative created by BUPA, England an health and Insurance company. To design a distinctive identity for the new health program called ‘Step by Step’, for
University of Birmingham, UK.

The aim of this project is to make the staff walk, for a better health and for a better work
quality. The goal of this project is to make its employees more active and efficient by participating in the walk program atleast 30 mins and three times a day.

To create an Identity for Step By Step and to make it stand out from other running and walking programs.

The program is a research project sponsored by the BUPA Foundation.
BUPA is a largest British healthcare organization. It offers policies to individuals, companies,
organizations and around half of Britain's top companies are presently BUPA customers. It is an
internationally established health insurance and care company with services that include Travel
insurance, health insurance, care homes, health assessments, occupational health services and

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