Friday, 26 March 2010

Shivolve - The Identity Re-design

Shivolve -  The design Brief.

Basic Proportion -
Shivolve  comes from two words. "SHARE+EVOVLE" Its a community based site,
like a online forum. Its a free membership networking site, where people can share
their ideas, views, opinions, events and almost anything about themselves.

Objective -
To get the user to spend 10-15 minutes on self improvement or to do some activist activity. On the
other hand, the user can be tech savvy with no interest at all in Shivolve community. but will get a
sense of something good and informative happening in the background.

Target Audience - 
A general audience, any individual who would like to spend 10-15 minutes on self
improvement or do some activist activity.

Brand Value - 
Outgoing, Togetherness, Educative, Informative, creative, and innovative.

Tone Of Voice -
Friendly, Inviting, Welcoming.

Future Prospects - 
Shivolve is planning to start with new businesses in the near future like, Shivolve - Elearning and Web Solutions, Software developments, and Mobile services.

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