Friday, 26 March 2010

Study of other Online forums - Knowledge Mangement

This forum has practioners, consultants, and leading experts. The site encourages
for its members to share their on going experiences, Thoughts, Successes, Failures etc.

This forum is more based on learning from each other to innovate, and work together.
Its more on knowledge and it can be anything. Softwares, Communication, News, Events,
Health, Explorations etc.

Look Wise -
1. Gives a sophisticated outlook with a professional kind of activities happening.
2. Unlike Shivolve, The identity of Gurteen has no specific meaning.

Difference between Shivolve and Gurteen - 

1. Its more on Sharing and voicing of opinions and its for everybody
and anybody.
2. Has a mix of Audience or rather can say that audience is clearly defined.
3. Its full of Text as at times it becomes confusing.

Gurteen - 

1. More sophisticated and looks like an online forum where it looks
more like an information design tool unlike Shivolve.
2. The look is more commercial by the data given and plus the data
3. Has too many on the list. Sometimes it looks like getting a bit lost
4. Has applications like Videos uploaded by members and owners.
5. It has also links to Facebook which is a popular social networking site.

1 comment:

  1. I like the fact that the content on Shivolve is with so much variety and yet so much inspiring :-)

    Did you get to see The Inspiration Engine...